Do counsellors need a niche?

The short answer to this question is, yes. As a registered counsellor a niche can benefit you in the following ways.

· Helps you to stand out from a saturated market

· Establishes an area of expertise

· Assists in effective marketing

· Increases income

· Allows you to work within your areas of interest

Before you select a niche, lets take a deeper look into this topic so you are well informed and can make a great decision for yourself, your clients and your private practice.

What is a niche market?

A niche market is a term used to describe a specific group that you offer services to. This can be clients of a certain age group, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.

Will having a niche make me miss out on clients?

Many registered counsellors resist choosing a niche out of fear of missing out on clients. They believe that in order to be successful in building a private practice that they must cast a wide net and appeal to the masses. In fact, the opposite is true. Defining a niche allows you to target your marketing more effectively and connect with your ideal clients. Remember, it is not about getting the most clients. It is about getting the right clients.

How do I choose my niche?

There are two things I would like you to consider when choosing a niche.

Ask yourself, what are my interests? When you take a moment to imagine your ideal day at work, who are your ideal clients? Is your ideal day full of lots of play therapy with children? Do you enjoy helping couples reconnect? Is working with men struggling with mental health issues important to you?

It is important to do the work that you love, however you also need to analyze the market. Your market may include your direct and indirect competitors. You may really enjoy working with families; however your geographical area may be saturated by family counsellors. You may like to then consider how you could reach outside of your geographical area or how you can stand out from the crowd. There may also be circumstances where you may want to consider an even more specific niche, E.G families experiencing divorce or families navigating the court system.

(As a little side note, if you have done my Marketing Your Private Practice Course – your niche will be clear when you look at your client persona, and everything you need to know about your market, will be in your market analysis information).

So, please don’t be afraid to niche. This can be a great decision to propel your private practice towards success.

If you are unsure if a niche market is right for you, please come and connect we with me and we can explore it further together via one of my supervision groups, or in a 1-1 consultation. Find out more here

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