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When a relationship ends there are stages we go though. The end of the relationship is the beginning of a new chapter. Sometimes our relationships end amicably, and sometimes they can be very tumultuous. After the initial separation we often need help on getting over our ex. We grieve when we end a relationship, even the ones that aren't good for us. Only then can we begin to heal emotionally and sometimes, physically and psychologically as well.  There are stages you will need to move through to go from heartbreak to happiness, that's where I can help you.

Ending and beginning again 

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • I don't know how to manage the grief and loss I feel after my relationship ended.

  • I don't know how to move from being a couple to co-parents.

  • I'm worried my children wont be okay.

  • I want to stop feeling sad and get my life back.

  • I need to learn how to communicate better with my ex.

  • How do I know when I am ready to start dating again?

  • How do I become relationship ready?

  • What do I need to do to attract the kind of partner I am longing for?


It is important to take the time to learn from your past relationship and identify any mistakes that were made, so you don't make them again and again in future relationships. We all contribute positive and negative things to our relationships and when we reflet back on what our contributions were, we can learn very valuable lessons for our future. 

Learning to be happy and fulfilled while being single and prioritising your self care is often challenging, but it is essential to rebuilding a happy and healthy self. Only when you feel whole and content will you be ready to be in another relationship. Becoming relationship ready is where you can explore the type of partner you are wanting to attract and being confident to access if a potential partner is truly compatible with you. It is also the time to implement what you have learnt from your previous relationships by developing more healthy boundaries and expectations. 

When you are ready to begin dating again you may need help navigating the dating scene as it has most likely changed since you were last single. Questions will arise for you on how to actually attract the kind of partner that I am longing for. Should you give online dating a go? If so, what sites are good? What should you put and not put on your profile? How do you know if the person you are dating is 'the one'? These are all questions I can help you answer.


I can help you

  • Learn strategies on managing the grief and loss associated with a relationship breakdown.

  • Learn how to move from being a couple to co-parents.

  • Communicate more effectively with your ex.

  • Learn valuable lessons and insights from your past relationship.

  • I can help you to understand the important things to do for your children when you separate.

  • Become happy and fulfilled being single.

  • Become relationship ready.

  • Learn how to navigate the dating world and attract the kind of partner you are longing for.

What makes me different from other counsellors



I am a qualified and registered counsellor and relationship expert, with many years of experience. I have taken my counselling background and created a unique blend of counselling that is more directive, than traditional therapy to help you heal and move on faster. I use a mixture of counselling techniques and psychoeducation, which is specific to your situation.


Often relationship and dating coaches base their “expert advice” on their own personal journeys. The problem with this is that everyone’s journey is completely different. What worked for them, is unlikely to work for you. I do not take a one size fits all approach. My education and clinical work provides me with a vast amount of knowledge and experience to draw upon. I believe in and use evidence based science and data, rather than only personal life experience.

Working with me 

I provide separation counselling for residents of Sydney, particularly those living in the Hills district, Hawkesbury district and the Blacktown district. I offer online separation counselling via Zoom or you can work with me in person. My office located in Baulkham Hills, N.S.W Australia.


Sessions for individuals run for 60 minutes and cost $100.00AUD.

If you have questions or would like to make sure we are a good fit in working together, please call 0410 549 930 for a free, 10 minute consultation to discuss your needs and how I can help you. 


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